What is read almost as much as erotica? Articles about how to succeed with erotic stories.

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Which articles are successful on Medium in the long term, you often notice only after many months. I’ve been reporting on my progress as an erotica writer here since August 2020. Until now, I thought these articles would not attract much interest because whenever I publish a new article about it, I get at most forty to fifty views in the first few days.

So I was all the more surprised when I looked through my published stories today and sorted them by views.

Although my most successful article with almost 9000 views is still my article about living with…

After a long day at work, all we often want to do is lie on the couch and watch TV. If you’re the kind of person who reads on the side, you might as well write while watching TV. Create couch content and dramatically increase your output.

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Sitting at a desk in front of a computer will always feel like work. Whether we’re freelancers or employees, we work at desks for a living.

Cell phones and tablets, on the other hand, are associated with leisure for most of us. We use them to distract ourselves and use them when we want to avoid unpleasant work.

For this reason, our brains love cell phones and tablets. When we pick up these devices, no work seems to be looming. Just reaching for a cell phone activates the reward system in the brain for most of us.

We can use…

It has never been more important to be able to distinguish real news from fake news. If we don’t teach our children this skill, democracy is in grave danger.

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The Internet and social media are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is now possible to force the powerful to hear voices that would otherwise have been ignored by uniting millions of individuals. Politics today is guided by trending hashtags. #FridaysForFuture or #BlackLivesMatter are positive examples of this development.

On the other hand, not only democracy enthusiasts rally behind various hashtags. Often, the power of social media is not used to spread the truth but lies.

Not least because of Donald Trump, lies now seem to have become socially acceptable. Worse still, as long as the statement being…

If Stripe doesn’t allow payouts to people in India, Medium needs to offer alternative options.

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First, one thing upfront: I know that the authors on Medium who live in India don’t need help from white Europeans to be heard. They have repeatedly raised their voices themselves and pointed out to Medium how unfair it is to exclude them from monetizing their articles.

However, I must be allowed to express my solidarity with my colleagues from India. Nothing else is what I want to do with this article.

Why can’t Indian authors earn money on Medium?

That is the big question. …

more satisfaction and self-confidence through a small exercise

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Sometimes we rush through the day and exhaust ourselves working through a seemingly endless list of tasks. In the evening, we fall tired into bed and have the feeling that life has once again sped past us like a high-speed train.

Once again, a day is over, and once again, nothing seems to have changed at all. After a few years, resignation sets in. Some then become cynical, and others depressed. Those with low self-esteem are most susceptible to such a development.

Why is it that everyday life gradually wears us down? What is so bad about work, doing the…

Publishing a catalog of a few hundred Medium articles also on Vocal Media can be exhausting. Good organization ahead of time helps.

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When you start on Vocal Media, it’s good to have a lot of articles online quickly. That way, you increase your chances of getting traffic and paid reads.

Most importantly, publish your first fifty articles quickly. For fifty articles, Vocal pays a bonus of $50.

But if you have already published a lot of articles on Medium, you can quickly lose track. Which pieces have you already transferred to Vocal and which are still missing?

You can work…

If my wife were not so handy, we would be lost.

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There’s not much I feel sorry for myself for. We all have things we’re good at and something we’re not so good at. No one can do everything, and that’s okay.

But one thing has haunted me since childhood. I am entirely untalented when it comes to crafts. Whenever I try to build or fix something, it ends in disaster or at least deep frustration.

Yet my hands are not that clumsy. After all, I have managed to teach myself to play the guitar. My talent for movement is not bad either. I can juggle (only with three balls, but…

I live in Hamburg, Germany. In the Neuengamme concentration camp, just outside the city, over 50,000 people died during World War II.

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The purpose of this article is not to provide a historical description of Neuengamme but rather to discuss the impact this camp had on a young person like me, even though I was born almost thirty years after the camp was dismantled.

However, I recommend that everyone look into the history of Neuengamme. It is all too easy to forget that there were not only the extermination camps in Poland but also a network of concentration camps spread all over Germany, which served to terrorize and exterminate Jewish people, political opponents, dissidents, and prisoners of war.

When I was born…

Making a living from writing isn’t glamorous, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

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Many people dream of making writing their profession. I, too, have been one of those people since I was a kid, not knowing what it would really be like to be a writer. Today I know. It’s very different, but not worse.

The false image of the famous writer

Do you know the series Castle? It’s about a thriller writer who works as a consultant for the police and solves exciting murder cases with a team of investigators. Richard Castle is a best-selling author. He is fabulously wealthy and meets other famous writers to play cards.

His life is exciting, luxurious, and extravagant. He has tens of…

I have spreadsheets for my taxes, my book sales, and a thousand other things. Do I also need to enter my daily earnings on Medium into an Excel spreadsheet?

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Every morning on Medium, I first click on my profile picture and then click on “Medium Partner Program” in the drop-down menu to see how much I earned the previous day.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that exact information there.

What I do see is my earnings for the entire month so far. This is not uninteresting information, but this number is only of limited use for more detailed analysis.

If I want to know whether I make more money on average on a particular day of the week than on others, I don’t see that in these statistics.

If I…

René Junge

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