I have discovered a pattern. Whenever I write daily, my earnings go up. And it doesn’t matter how much money the new stories make.

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Much has been written about the need to produce new content on Medium continually. You have to constantly stay in the readers’ minds and promote the old articles with new stories, they say.

All this is undoubtedly true, but it doesn’t explain one thing: Why do I earn up to twice as much on days when I publish a new article as on days when I don’t post anything? Even if the recent article only brings in thirty or forty cents, my earnings go up steeply. So there must be a push for my old articles every time. …

Sometimes I ask myself why in our society everything has to be regulated down to the smallest detail. But then I meet stupid people, and I understand it.

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A few weeks ago, some friends invited me to a barbecue. A neighbor was also a guest. I got into a conversation with him in the course of the evening. It turned out that he offers sport boat driving license training.

At some point, he looked at me and said: “You know, I have the impression that people have become increasingly stupid in recent years.

“Why is that?” I asked, interested because I have had the same impression for a long time.

“Well,” he replied. “The other day, I had one who got all the nautical calculations wrong. I gave him zero points for these tasks, of course. When he saw that, he was eager to discuss it with me. He might not have the right solutions, but his calculations were partially correct. For this, he then demanded points. Then I explained that it is only right or wrong in marine science and nothing in between. If you calculate a ship’s course through a coral reef correctly, you will get through, and if you do it wrong, the ship will sink. No one from the crew and passengers will praise you afterward for using an almost correct calculation method. …

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It’s actually true: With perseverance and the right tactics, you can earn good money with erotic short stories on Amazon.

When I started uploading erotic short stories to Amazon through KDP in August 2020, I wasn’t sure if this new venture would be worth the effort.

I had read about authors making a few thousand dollars a month from it, but I was sure that was shamelessly exaggerated.

So I gave myself three months to make 100 euros in a month for the first time. I was very positively surprised when I managed to do that in my first month.

After I could invest less time in the project in September and October because my new thriller had to be finished, I got back into it in November. …

Full-time writers work from home. This means that uninterrupted work is not always possible. Some days are so fragmented that it seems pointless even to start writing.

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For me, today was another one of those days I don’t like at all. I actually start working at eight in the morning and finish at four in the afternoon. In between, I take an hour for lunch. This way, I have more than enough time to work on three different projects during the day.

Unfortunately, it often doesn’t happen that I can really work for eight hours.

Today, the first thing I did was have a video conference from ten in the morning until noon. Those two hours are usually my most productive hours, writing-wise. …

I don’t miss most of it. If you didn’t experience that time, you could hardly imagine how we lived back then.

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Most people agree that the Internet is one of the most important, if not the most important invention in human history.

But there are already millions of people alive today who don’t remember the pre-Internet era at all. When these young people say that the Internet is the most far-reaching invention in human history, they understand this statement only on a very abstract level. But they need to realize that their parents and grandparents actually came from a very different world than the one we have today.

I am 47 years old and spent my entire childhood and youth without the Internet. When I look back on that time today, I realize that there is no way I would want to go back there. Nostalgia is not my thing. …

The thought is tempting: you’ve already written your favorite author many rave reviews and let him know on Facebook that you’ve read all his books. He should feel obliged to share his knowledge with you when you write your first book. I’ll explain why you shouldn’t do that.

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When you have published a few books, sooner or later, the day will come when one of your most devoted fans will contact you and tell you that he has also written a book.

You owe that fan a debt of gratitude because they bought your books, shared your posts on social media, and recommended your books to all their friends. Of course, you want to do him a favor, too, if it’s in your power. I know this because it’s happened to me before.

This is the author’s point of view. If you are among those who have written their first book and are now thinking of sending your manuscript to your favorite author, it is vital to know the author’s perspective. …

Hello and welcome to a new issue of my newsletter.

Hello dear ones. Today I have three new stories for you. They are packed with information.

Planning a Rapid Release on Steroids

Ten erotic short stories within 30 days.

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You Think You Can Only Assign 7 Keywords to Your Book on Amazon? You Are Wrong.

When you create a new book in the KDP dashboard, you’ll see seven boxes where you can enter your keywords. Does that mean you have to choose only seven terms?

Today my ten-part erotica series goes online in the American Kindle Store.

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This project is by far the most exciting thing I’ve done so far in my more than five-year career as a self-publisher.

When I published my first erotic short story on Amazon in August 2020, I had already published 25 thrillers, two urban fantasy books, two fantasy romance stories, one horror novel, and two volumes of horror stories.

With over 250,000 e-books sold, I now live as a full-time author solely on my book sales income.

Entering the erotica genre meant starting from scratch for me. I write these stories under a pseudonym, and none of my thriller readers know about it. I have no ready-made mailing list, no fans, and no way to leverage my experience with Facebook or Amazon ads because you can’t promote erotica on those platforms. …

For a few weeks, my new articles hardly get more than twenty views, and only the fewest get more than ten reads. If Medium thinks that I am discouraged by this, they are wrong.

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Since I published my first article on Medium in October 2019, I’ve gained over 4000 followers and been in Club 100 three times in a row, meaning I’ve made it three times, been among the less than seven percent of all writers who manage to make more than $100 a month on Medium.

That was a long time ago.

Two algorithm changes later, I’m having a hard time even finding readers on this platform. My stories are no longer curated, and Medium shows my articles to virtually no one.

Of course, it could be that the quality of my work has dropped dramatically in recent months, but I don’t really think that’s the reason. …

When you create a new book in the KDP dashboard, you’ll see seven boxes where you can enter your keywords. Does that mean you have to choose only seven terms?

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By now, the word should have spread among self-publishers that Amazon’s Kindle Store is not primarily a place to buy books. In reality, the Kindle Store is a giant search engine.

Traditional bookstores focus on the product, while Amazon makes the reader the linchpin of the buying process.

Why keywords are so crucial in the Kindle Store

Amazon doesn’t just use keywords to make a book discoverable through the Kindle Store search box. Of course, a reader can find books by using the search box, and it happens a lot. Therefore, it is essential to equip your book with the right keywords. But the keywords are also critical when it comes to which books Amazon recommends to which readers. …


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