Having your own publication on Medium is fantastic for building your own readership. But don’t forget about your profile’s subscribers.

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The newsletter feature of publications

If you run your own publication on Medium…

Compensation is becoming more and more intransparent, and Medium recommendation algorithm is still a disaster.

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In nine years as a self-publisher, I have gained a lot of experience. Today, I make my living from writing and try to let new authors benefit from my experiences. So here comes a list of my most helpful articles on writing and self-publishing.

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Mohamed Atta, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, and Marwan al-Shehh lived just a few miles from our home while they planned the largest terrorist attack in history. Twenty years later, I went there for the first time.

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If you can remember every story you’ve ever written, you’re not writing enough.

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Your success comes not in the limelight but in solitude.

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If hard thinking doesn’t help, stop doing it.

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Some of my colleagues are under massive attack by fake reviews.

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Young people lack a realistic perspective of time.

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I am young and still have so much time

This is basically true. Being young is a privilege. Because…

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