What is read almost as much as erotica? Articles about how to succeed with erotic stories.

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Which articles are successful on Medium in the long term, you often notice only after many months. I’ve been reporting on my progress as an erotica writer here since August 2020. Until now, I thought these articles would not attract much interest because whenever I publish a new article about it, I get at most forty to fifty views in the first few days.

So I was all the more surprised when I looked through my published stories today and sorted them by views.

Although my most successful article with almost 9000 views is still my article about living with…

After a long day at work, all we often want to do is lie on the couch and watch TV. If you’re the kind of person who reads on the side, you might as well write while watching TV. Create couch content and dramatically increase your output.

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Sitting at a desk in front of a computer will always feel like work. Whether we’re freelancers or employees, we work at desks for a living.

Cell phones and tablets, on the other hand, are associated with leisure for most of us. We use them to distract ourselves and use them when we want to avoid unpleasant work.

For this reason, our brains love cell phones and tablets. When we pick up these devices, no work seems to be looming. Just reaching for a cell phone activates the reward system in the brain for most of us.

We can use…

As a newcomer to cryptocurrencies, investing in a “joke currency” of all things seemed silly at first. Today, my coins are worth almost twice as much as my original investment.

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If I were out to inflate this article artificially, I would now explain long and wide what Dogecoin is. Instead, I urge those of you who have never heard of this cryptocurrency to read this Wikipedia article if you want to know exactly.

My first encounter with the topic of cryptocurrencies

Since January 2021, I have been reading articles about Bitcoin more and more often without understanding what it is all about and why a few code snippets can be worth so much.

Then, in early February, I somehow stumbled upon Dogecoins. At that time, this altcoin price had just risen from only $0.008 to $0.079. So the…

Don’t treat yourself worse than you would a computer.

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Today I had an ambitious work schedule. I would write an article before a two-hour video conference, and then I was scheduled to work on my new manuscript.

Items one and two on the to-do list were no problem. However, after the videoconference and a small lunch, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to make my third agenda item.

I was suddenly incredibly tired, and my head refused to come up with a single creative thought.

In the past, I would have been stressed out in a situation like this. The thought of not moving fast enough would have…

You can have a thousand ideas every day without improving your life.

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Authors are different from other people in many ways. But in one respect, they are no different from the rest of humanity at all — they overestimate the value of their ideas.

In Facebook groups for authors, the question of how to protect your ideas from being stolen by other authors comes up at least once a week. Other authors claim that they have had an idea stolen from them and that someone else is now making money from it that should have gone to them.

You might think that an idea thief is lurking around every corner on the…

An additional way to earn money with our articles can not hurt

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I recently discovered Brave Browser for myself. This browser allows everyone to avoid all trackers on the Internet — no more ads tracking you across different websites and no more trackers tagging your browsing behavior.

We all leave data trails on the net with traditional browsers monetized by the big internet companies. We don’t get any of that money ourselves.

The Brave browser puts an end to this exploitation of our data. Brave not only blocks trackers but also hides all advertising that follows us around the web. But Brave can do much more. …

E-book sales, Kindle Unlimited royalties, free units

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I uploaded my first book to Amazon in January 2012. It was an urban fantasy novel with over 500 pages. Within a year, I sold a total of 261 copies of it and two other books and earned €361.85.

So the beginning was anything but promising.

To date, I have earned two hundred thousand euros and sold over 250,000 books. I have sold the majority of the books since 2015.

The sales report on which this article is based only goes up to February 2021, so March’s figures are not included.

Here is a detailed breakdown of my numbers.

E-book sales and Kindle Unlimited


Too bad I could only invest €110

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I am an absolute beginner when it comes to investments. I knew next to nothing about cryptocurrencies a month ago.

I was convinced that bitcoin and blockchain were some kind of voodoo for gamblers just two months ago.

But I like to try new things to see for myself. So one day, I decided to try this crypto thing.

First, I read a lot of blog posts and technical articles about blockchain and bitcoin to get a first idea of what the hell it’s all about.

Then I joined some Reddit forums and read along for a while to get…

If you ignore stress, it doesn’t go away. It builds up in your body until you break down.

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It was one morning about two years ago. My wife had left for work. I was sitting in the living room, distracting myself from my guilty conscience by reading. A few months ago, I had quit my full-time job to write only.

Everything seemed to be as usual, but then my body suddenly showed me that I had been fooling myself for far too long.

The back story

I decided to become a full-time author during my most successful phase as a writer. In one month I had earned over 8000 Euros. After that, it was over 7000 and then still over 6000…

Are you one of those people who want to publish a book, write a song or start a blog someday? Wanting is good, but doing is better.

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You used to need a publisher if you wanted to publish a book. As a musician, you needed a record label to market your songs. If you wanted to make movies, a producer had to be convinced of you. There was always a gatekeeper somewhere in the way before audience success.

Today, if you’ve written a book, you can just upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing and many other platforms and instantly share it with an audience of millions.

Musicians have it just as easy on Sound Cloud, CD Baby and other platforms. …

René Junge

Thriller-author from Hamburg, Germany. Sold over 200.000 E-Books. get informed about new articles: http://bit.ly/ReneJunge

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