Do your earnings increase as soon as you publish a new article, even if this article only attracts little interest?

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This article is something of an experiment. It’s meant to test my theory that Medium’s algorithm pushes my old pieces as soon as I publish fresh content.

How did I come up with this idea? I’ve noticed time and time again that my earnings increase significantly on days when I…

On the very first day, I went from being a visitor to a real Uplander. From now on, it goes forward with smaller steps.

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I report here about my journey through the blockchain metaverse called Upland. I’ve been at it for three days now. If you want to follow my journey from the beginning, start with my report from day one:

My third day as a citizen of Upland

After receiving 6000 UPX (The currency in Upland) as a welcome gift on…

Yes, I dared to dive headfirst into one of the big blockchain metaverses without any prior knowledge. My first day in Upland was then primarily one thing: terribly confusing.

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A warning beforehand: this won’t be a guide on how you should best play Upland, as I don’t know anything about it myself yet. Instead, I’m just documenting my journey of discovery from day one. …

Many authors still believe that you are limited to the two categories that are selectable in the backend of KDP.

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Finally, it’s time. Your new book is written and proofread, and the cover is ready too. You’ve created the EBook file and are finally going to upload your latest work to Amazon.

The publishing process at KDP is largely self-explanatory, but still, many authors get stuck at one point: When…

Do you believe in inspiration out of thin air? Then good luck turning writing into a career.

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As always, when my articles are about writing, I’m speaking from my own experience today. I can’t point out mistakes to others that I’ve never made because then my posts wouldn’t be helpful; they’d be arrogant.

One thing right away: I am still a convinced Pantser. That is, I prefer…

A mountain of work can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be

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When I learn something important, it’s my wife who brings it to my attention most of the time. She’s ten times smarter than I am, so I always listen carefully when she casually says something. That’s how it was this time, too.

About two weeks ago, we were expecting visitors…

Have you ever been paid to receive a gift? This just happened to me, and I was stunned.

On Vocal Media, just like on Medium, anyone can publish articles and make money. But to enter the really lucrative writing contests, you have to be a paying member of Vocal+. Another advantage of being a member is that you are then better compensated for each read.

I haven’t signed…

Forget writing gurus who promise you the moon. Most of them don’t write for a living. I write novels and pay my bills with them.

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Here at Medium, I’ve published well over 700 articles. At the end of the month, the platform pays me between $50 and $200. So you can see that I’m not here to make money. While I wouldn’t mind getting more for my articles, I don’t depend on it.

My main…

As an employee, I made the worst trade you can imagine. I slogged through a week of work I hated to reward myself with two days off on the weekend. That was five days of frustration in exchange for two days of freedom.

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If you live by that model, you have to hate Mondays. The brief period of freedom is over by Monday, and the next one seems endlessly far away. If you come to the office in such a mood, you can’t be productive.

Instead of throwing myself into work, I delayed…

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